Air Condtioner Repair in San Fernando Valley

Air Conditioner Repair in the San Fernando Valley With Same Day Service

GIV HVAC Repair and Installation is the top air conditioner repair company in the San Fernando Valley.   Our family-based business with highly trained technicians exceeds our customer's expectations by saving them money and repairing their systems in most cases the same day called. We work on all makes and models and with over 20 years of experience, we know how…

Finding the right size HVAC

How Big Should My HVAC Unit Be?

This is a common question most HVAC companies receive. How big should my HVAC unit be? The answer all comes down to BTU’s. BTU stands for the British Thermal Unit. The amount of heat needed to raise one pound of water. Of course, the size of your house determines the BTU’s needed to keep the house cool in summer or…

HVAC Service

Repairing Your Heating and Venting Unit in North Hills

As winter approaches GIV Appliance and HVAC are here to help with any repair you may have. If you are located in North Hills or the San Fernando Valley we are a phone call away. Heating units at times can fail and with over 20 years of experience, GIV can get the job done and done right. Perhaps your filters are…

HVAC Service Air Conditioner Repair

HVAC Repair in Reseda California

Whether it’s a filter that needs to be changed, broken compressor or an entirely new HVAC system install, GIV Appliance and HVAC repair are here for you. So even though the Valley is experiencing record heat waves, you will be nice in cool indoors with your HVAC system running at top performance. Schedule a quote today with Igor at 1-818-744-0534

Freezer Service

How to Maintain Your Freezer and Keep Problem Free.

Your freezer needs maintenance as much as your refrigerator does. We have some tips below to help you keep your freezer problem-free. If you have a manual defrost freezer once there’s approximately more than a half-inch you’ll need to defrost it. Doing this will help ensure the freezer’s longevity. If you are defrosting your freezer make sure you have cleared…

Dishwasher Feature

Tips for Maintaining Your Dishwasher.

Your dishwasher will last a lot longer if it is properly maintained. Here are some tips below to help you achieve just that: 1. Place a Cup of Vinegar on Top Rack – Run your dishwasher for a complete cycle. This will help remove any built up soap scum in your machine. 2. Clean Your Sprayer from Top Rack – Remove the top rack of the…

Viking Maintenance

Tips on Keeping Your Oven/Stove Maintenance Up

The kitchen is the heart of a home. For social gatherings and holidays cooking a great meal leads to great family memories. Here are some tips to keep your oven and stove working at its best. Cool Your Burners Before Cleaning. Let your burners cool down before cleaning. Remove the grates and wipe down with soft sponge or towel. Use vinegar…

Heating system repair

How to get Your Heating System Ready For Winter

Winter’s coming and now’s the time to get your heating system ready for it. Listed below are some tips to help you: Change your air filters. This is the number one thing to keep your HVAC system from having problems. Changing the filters every few months will prolong it's life. Clean the heat exchanger. This needs to be cleaned properly…