How to get Your Heating System Ready For Winter

Heating system repair

Winter’s coming and now’s the time to get your heating system ready for it. Listed below are some tips to help you:

  1. Change your air filters. This is the number one thing to keep your HVAC system from having problems. Changing the filters every few months will prolong it’s life.
  2. Clean the heat exchanger. This needs to be cleaned properly annually (brushed and vacuumed)
  3. Get a new programmable thermostatWith the winter months coming turn it to heat instead of cool and program it at a comfortable temperature for your home.
  4. Schedule a yearly service for HVAC tune-up. This will make sure the condenser and blower are working properly.
  5. Clean your chimney of all debris. At times these may get blocked and cause a carbon monoxide build-up. Have your chimney inspected before winter.

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